Design & Installation

The vehicle loading bay equipment is at the centre of any efficient logistics operation. It’s usually a bottleneck and an area where money has been invested to deliver results so it’s critical that you work with a partner supplier who can not only supply the most suitable products, to the right quality level but can also support you all the way with relevant advice and reliable guidance on your choice of dock levellers, goods lifts, rapid roll doors and more.


Loading bay projects

Farrington Industries have over 30 years experience, working with some of the best names in the logistics industry. This has prepared us with the knowledge and experience to to propose optimised solutions for all requirements. Our loading bay equipment design and installation service is provided free of charge and covers everything from preliminary telephone or email communications to site visit, survey, design and installation – it’s a turn-key approach to loading bay systems.


Loading bay design

There are many factors you will need to consider including:

- The number of loading stations which is in turn a product of the timing of vehicle visits, the frequency, the volume and type of goods as well as the required turnaround times.

- Vehicle access and flow can be enhanced by ensuring external design allows trucks in and out quickly and with a minimum of manoeuvring.

- The loading bay layout, in many cases a lowered approach with not be practical so a raised dock floor and dock levellers will be required.

- The loading platform is likely to have to accommodate different size and heights of trucks. Refrigerated trucks will be higher but to the insulated load area floor. You will need to understand how to analyse highest, lowest and average heights to ensure you source the correct dock levelling system.

- Distance between loading bays which will need to consider loading efficiency, space constraints and parking needs for trucks trying to get in and out of the loading area.

- Whether a flush dock is required using a dock pod or dock seal system. Dock shelters are available in different types too including cushion, curtain and inflatable shelters. Some knowledge of the pros and cons of each will be required to make an informed decision.

- Types of overhead doors required to complete the loading bay design. We can advise on and supply a full range of roller shutter doors, rapid action warehouse doors and insulated overhead sectional doors.


Dimensions and drawings

Our complete design service takes the onus away from the customer and places it firmly on us as the supplier to gather the right information, propose a range of solutions that meet your operational, design and budget. After this it’s then onto the technical end of the design which will include producing drawings for approval and completing necessary calculations to ensure a viable finished result.

Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime to discuss your next project.