Dock Boards

Dock boards are a cost effective solution to the problem of bridging the gaps between trucks and the loading bay dock and the warehouse floor. Farrington offer a full range of dock boards, dock plates and dock ramps to suit all vehicle loading requirements.


Loading dock boards

dock board for vehicle loading bay

Dock boards differ from dock plates because they include structural components above the plate in the form of curbs and are often designed to withstand heavier duty. Dock boards are raised with locking devices which can include fixed legs, drop pins or locking rings. Dock boards are ideal for forklifts or other vehicles but it’s essential you obtain the right product for your individual requirements so please contact us for help and a competitive quotation.


Dock board construction

Dock boards can be made from aluminium or steel. Aluminium is lighter so may be better where frequest manual movement of the dock board is required. Steel dock boards remain the preference for most though as they are not only cost effective to buy but are also hardwearing, making them ideal for heavy duty use and higher loading capacities.

Please contact us for more details on the range options and prices.