Dock Levellers

Farrington Industries offer a wide range of hydraulic dock levellers for every application. We can not only bring you quality products but all the support and advice you need to select the right product. We also offer full design and aftersales support for all new dock leveller installations.


About dock levellers

Dock levellers are designed to precisely compensate for the height differences between lorry floors and ramps in the loading bay. A dock leveller enables the load to be moved in or out of the lorry in a single horizontal movement vastly reducing handling times, the risk of damage or accidental injury. All our dock levellers also incorporate a range of health and safety features including emergency stop (activated by an isolator switch), safety stop control valves in the hydraulic cylinders to secure the dock leveller platform in the event of failure and clearly marked moving parts. The dock levellers are powered by electro hydraulic lifting cylinders and a cylinder for the lip. All dock loading levellers are made of high quality materials with sturdy steel leveller construction and reinforced anti-twist platforms which will easily compensate for lorry tilting when loads are not distributed evenly.


Hinged lip & telescopic lip levellers

There are two types of dock levellers, these are hinged lip dock levellers and telescopic lip dock levellers. On a hinged lip dock leveller the loading flip is of a fixed length. This will swing out as the dock leveller is raised so that it settles onto the back of the truck as the dock leveller is lowered to make an effectively seamless join between the vehicle loading bay and the lorry. With a telescopic lip dock leveller the lip moves out horizontally forward into the truck offering a greater degree of operator control on how far the lip needs to move to marry effectively with the loading area of the vehicle.

Swing lips are invariably the most cost effective type of low cost dock leveller where budgets are limited. Telescopic lip dock levellers are a more flexible type of dock leveller which will generally prove more versatile in being suited to a wider range of vehicle loading bay applications.


EN1398 Dock levellers

All our hydraulic dock levellers are manufactured in accordance with EN1398 and are CE marked so you can be certain they meet the most stringent health and safety regulations. Standard models have a dynamic load capacity of up to 6000 kgs (and higher capacity dock levellers are also available).The steel dock levellers have an anti-corrosive primer and a hard wearing polyurethane paint finish to maximise durability.


Standard or bespoke dock leveller

There is a wide range of standard platform sizes from 2.5m in length to 4.5m. Farrington can also supply special non-standard bespoke dock leveller platforms in circumstances where these are required with exactly the same quality and reliability as standard dock levellers.

We also supply drawbridge counterbalanced dock levellers which offer an economical alternative to the hydraulic dock levellers.

To discuss your requirements in more detail please just contact us.