Dock Plates

Dock plates are a cost effective solution to the problem of bridging the gaps between trucks and the loading bay dock and the warehouse floor. Farrington also offer a full range of dock boards where something more sophisticated than a basic loading dock plate is required.


Dock plate construction

Loading dock plates differ in construction from dock boards because they are simpler and do not have reinforcement or curbs included. We offer a full range of different sized dockplates to suit many loading applications.


Example dock plate

Aluminum dock plates

Aluminium dock plates from Farrington are a simple low-cost solution for bridging between trucks and trailers and the loading dock. The dock plate is constructed fromĀ  high grade aluminum with bolt on steel legs that help to secure the position of the dock plate. It is important for safety that the dock plate remains in position between the dock and the trailer when loading and unloading.

Dock plates are available in a range of sizes and capacities but are designed for foot traffic and manual unloading not for use with forklifts or other power equipment where dock boards may be a more suitable equivalent solution.

Aluminum dock plates are light enough to position and move manually either by one person or in pairs. Hand cut outs are included for ease of use. There are different choices of lip length and bend angle but dock plates will generally be versatile enough to use for most trailers.