Dock Pods

Discuss your next dock loading pod with Farrington Industries to get a complete view of the products available and to access all the skill and specialist expertise you’ll ever need. We have over 30 years experience of designing, installing and maintaining dock pods and other loading bay equipment.


Dock pod solutions

Dock loading pods are fully integrated independent loading modules which include all the elements required for safe, efficient and highly productive loading bay operations. TheseĀ  include dock levellers, dock shelters and warehouse doors. This means a dock pod is effectively a stand alone fully integrated loading bay system.

Dock pods are typically placed outside the door opening of the warehouse loading bay terminal. This brings a number of benefits as extra space is made available in the building, all the loading bay equipment is stored in a single location for optimum efficiency and they can be installed relatively quickly, easily and cost effectively with minimal disruption to the functioning of the distribution centre.


Loading pods

Farrington can offer a complete design and installation service so we are happy to advise you on all aspects but planning consent is not typically required for dock loading pod. One final benefit of a dock pod based handling system is that the physical separation from the inside of the building makes them ideal for temperature controlled or hygiene critical distribution operations.


Insulated dock Pods

The roof and sides may be extendable and are usually made of insulated panels. A dock seal will then be used to prevent air gaps between the loading pod and the vehicle. Dock shelters, dock pads or inflatable dock seals can all be used for this purpose. A steel platform and base will then be used to support and build out the front of the loading dock pod whilst the rear face will be fixed to the structure of the building. A hydraulic dock leveller will also be included along with other vehicle loading bay accessories such as control boxes, traffic lights, dock lights, wheel guides and dock bumpers.


Dock pod design

Getting the right design for your dock pod is essential to ensure productive trouble-free operation from a system that’s tailored exactly for your application. So whether you believe you know what you need, or would like some informal advice on the options available, please contact Farrington Industries to benefit from over 30 years experience in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of vehicle loading bay solutions.