Dock Shelters & Seals

Selecting the right dock shelter or dock seal is vital. The application and the vehicles will affect your choice of shelter and seal. That’s why Farrington Industries don’t offer standard sizes – we make to order instead so you get a fully designed and installed loading bay solution that’s exactly right for you.


Dock shelters & dock seals

Examples of just some of the loading dock shelters and loading bay dock seals designed and installed by Farrington Industries.

Dock shelters and dock seals protect loaded goods from adverse weather and will also help save energy costs by preventing drafts and limiting the escape of warm air from inside the building when vehicles are in the loading bays. Dock shelters are typically used in conjunction with dock levellers to ensure than complex canopies and ramps are not needed.

We can supply fixed frame dock shelters or collapsible frame models. Fixed frame models form an efficient effective seal and are ideal when vehicles are similar-sized. Collapsible frame loading dock shelters are ideal when different size vehicles are used, their extra versatility can also compensate for poor vehicle alignment.

All Farrington dock shelters use quality materials for the top and side flaps and strong galvanized frame work to ensure a durable, stable and wear resistant finished system. We offer a full installation and maintenance service too, everything is supplied as an easy to install modular package to reduce labour and control vehicle loading bay project costs. This also ensures that maintenance and replacements are simple and easy.


Loading dock seals

We can supply foam pad dock seals or inflatable dock seals or a combination of both. Cushioned foam pad dock seals are an excellent and cost-effective solution. Inflatable dock seals significantly reduce vehicle wear and tear and also create an excellent seal. Our flexibility and knowledge means that we can supply dock shelters and dock seals for any application or environment.


Please contact us to discuss your dock seal and dock shelter requirements.