Goods Lifts

Farrington Industries design, supply and install a range of goods only lifts for lifting capacities from 250kg to 5000kg travel heights up to 6 metres. All goods only lifts are manufactured in accordance with the Machinery Directive 98/37/EC.

Goods Only Lift

Goods only lifts

Our goods lifts are electro-hydraulically operated. Depending on their application they use direct acting rams or indirect acting rams via chains over pulleys. Some models can be floor mounted without needing a pit, minimising costly and time-consuming building and installation work.

The goods only lifts can be supplied with a free-standing fabricated steel enclosure clad with flat sheet steel or profile steel sheets to minimise workplace risk.



Our goods only lifts can be tailored to suit most applications involving the movement of goods between floors. To discuss the one that will meet your requirements please just contact us.