Maintenance Contracts

Loading bay equipment maintenance contracts from Farrington industries offer you cost-effective aftersales support to help ensure your vehicle loading bay equipment is serviced and maintained effectively…


Service Contracts

Our service contacts are set at a fixed fee to cover the scheduled maintenance recommended by the manufacturer. We then agree payment terms with you and contact you to arrange our service and maintenance visits in advance. You benefit from reduced risk of breakdown and ensure maintenance takes place in a planned way at a convenient time with clear costings and best rates on labour time and parts.


Loading bay breakdowns

We offer UK fast response breakdown repair for all our loading bay equipment including dock levellers and high speed doors but the cost of getting someone to site quickly and without prior notice will usually mean a dedicated call out journey. This can increase the cost versus a preventative maintenance service visit which can be planned by us to maximise both our travel and working efficiency – and can be arranged around you at the most convenient time. Besides the cost of the repair, there are likely to be further issues for you based on lost capacity and productivity. A maintenance contract can help avoid these headaches!


Preventative maintenance

Loading bay equipment benefits from regular scheduled preventative maintenance. Loading bay equipment is subject to heavy daily use in most cases. This means wear and tear from operators, equipment and vehicles as well as the risks of accidental damage. Low level problems can be detected and fixed early under a maintenance contract before they cause a serious failure.

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