Modular Docks

Farrington can design, supply and install a wide range of fully configurable modular dock solutions which can incorporate all the other loading bay equipment you will need such as yard ramps, dock levellers and scissor lifts.


dock leveller stand mounted

Why modular docks?

Modular docks have many advantages. They are extremely versatile and can easily expand or contract (by adding or removing bolt together platforms) to fit changing loading bay needs. They can also be installed quickly and with minimal disruption to the fabric of the loading area or working operations.
Project costs will typically be lower too because invasive ground and building works will not usually be required. Modular docks can also be moved in future and relocated relatively easily. Finally there is a wide range of choice over platform size, load capacity function and the scope to incorporate whatever optional features like dock ramps, dock levellers, dock bumpers, hand rails and platform lifts.

Dock bumpers black rubber

Modular docks are also tough enough to withstand working wear, tear and impact. To discuss in more detail or to find out more about Farrington’s design, installation and maintenance service please just contact us.