Rapid Roll Doors

Rapid roll doors, also known as high speed doors or fast action doors from Farrington Industries can open in just a few seconds. Minimising the time doors are open will significantly reduce energy loss saving fuel and therefore energy cost to heat (or cool) the building. We can design, supply, install and maintain a wide range of rapid roll warehouse doors



Rapid roll doors ROI

In some cases the payback on the investment in rapid roll doors can be as little as 1 year. As a general rule, the more frequently the doors are opening and the greater the internal and outside temperature differential, the faster this pay back period will be. The energy conservation benefits also make rapid roll doors a means of demonstrating corporate social responsibility. This helps businesses ensure sustainable environmental benefit, contributing to reduced fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions alongside financial savings.


Safe fast action doors

Rapid roll doors have grown in popularity in recent years due to the increased focus on green issues, the rising costs of energy and reduced installation costs. We offer a wide range of solutions back with a complete design, installation, service and maintenance support package. All our rapid roll doors include operator safety features like safety edges and photocell detectors. Rapid roll doors are very versatile and can be used for the full range of workshop and warehouse applications including vehicle, forklift or worker access.

Specialist industrial doors

Farrington’s rapid roll doors are particularly useful in temperature critical environments as they maintain more even temperature. They will also bring other benefits by reducing noise or dust pollution. Rapid roll doors are often easy to clean and maintain too so they are useful in hygienic or specialised applications like the food industry, medical, pharmaceutical, recycling and waste management.

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